Thai Grand Palace

473b Dean St, Albury
Date visited: 20th February 2013

The last time I came to Thai Grand Palace was almost three years ago, when I was still working on and off at Wodonga, which is only minutes from Albury.  Colleagues from Wodonga used to recommend this place - MerlinFan went first with Hui, and then recommended it to me, after which I visited it with another two friends a few months later.  I really liked their roast duck curry and phad thai.  I was up here this week for training purposes, so when some colleagues asked where we should go, I said let's go to Thai Grand Palace.

They had a huge variety of entrees and mains.  

We had entrees of Fishcakes and Tofu with peanut sauce.

Fishcake (left), Tofu with peanut sauce(right)

The fishcakes were pretty nice - funnily enough the taste and texture reminded me of otak-otak, which is a fish meat cake with spices we have in Malaysia.  The combination of fried tofu with peanut sauce was unusual, but still pretty good.

We got a Thai Fried Rice to share.  We all enjoyed it - the rice was nicely seasoned.

Thai Fried Rice
Naturally we had to have the Roast Duck Curry.  The curry was creamy with a mild heat, and the duck nice and juicy.  

We tried the Pork Green Curry at medium heat.  It came with peas, carrots and bamboo shoots and the pork was deliciously tender.  I really liked this dish.  Although it stated medium spiciness, we all agreed it was barely spicy at all.  One of my colleagues said she noted there was a choice of spiciness level, and the other girls being spicy food eaters, said the spicier option next time!

We also ordered an extra bowl of steamed rice to go with the curries but rice was just rice so I didn't bother taking a photo.

Overall, good polite service and nice food.  I didn't take a photo specifically of the menu and the prices, but our meal for four came up to about $92.

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