Café Dérailleur Revisited

38 Norton St, Wangaratta 3677
Date visited: 18th May 2013

MerlinFan and I enjoyed our coffees at Café Dérailleur so much on our first visit that we decided to return, this time to try their breakfast fare before making the tedious drive back down to Melbourne.  

It was yet another 1°C morning in Wangaratta, with ice (and unfortunately not everything nice) decorating and kindly obscuring my windscreen - I could hear that annoying crunch as my wipers shattered through the frost.  Brrr.  MerlinFan and I eagerly zipped down to the cafe early this morning and were grateful to get some shelter once again from the cold.

MerlinFan had a Latte again and I decided to have a Cappucino.

Cappucino & latte $3.80 each
My cappuccino was generously dusted with grated chocolate - extra brownie points in my book!  It was a great coffee, and nothing makes me happier than a good coffee on a cold day.

Our food came pretty quickly.  I had the House baked bagel with cream cheese and jam.  It was lightly toasted and nicely crisp with a slight chew.  I loved the jam - it was chunky and slightly more tangy than your run-of-the mill supermarket jam.  Slathered with soft cream cheese and jam, what's there not to love.

Bagel $8.50
MerlinFan was in the mood for scrambled eggs.  She had Eggs with homemade bread and tomato chutney.  MerlinFan is a big praiser of her own-made scrambled eggs ("Fantastic, fantastic" like Jamie Oliver) and she said she thought these eggs put her own to shame.  LOL.  They were buttery and creamy and a tad runny, which is our ideal for scrambled eggs.  She also liked the texture and taste of the homemade bread.

Scrambled eggs $12.50
A nice brekkie spot with friendly staff and quick service - definitely recommended for their great coffees.

BTW loved the funky shaped plates too


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