Chao Thai

163 High St, Wodonga 3690
Date visited: 18th October 2013

Is it really past mid-October already?  I was both appalled and amazed to realise I hit my all time low and visited only three new spots last month.  Sigh.  How I reminisce on the days of part-time work where I could slack off with MerlinFan and try new brekkie/ brunch spots several times a week.  Unfortunately, work commitments nowadays make that dream lifestyle almost impossible.  

Anyway, MerlinFan was up in Wodonga for work again this week, so I popped up from my nearby town to pick her up.  I was in the mood for Thai, so we decided to try Chao Thai down on High Street.

It was early when we arrived and we were seated immediately by smiling staff.  The interior was pretty spacious with quite a few larger tables for group diners.

MerlinFan and I both had Lemon Lime Bitters.  They were pretty average.

Our food came out surprisingly and pleasingly quick.  We decided upon the Pad Thai with chicken.  There was an option for beef or prawn as well.  The pad thai hit the spot flavour-wise - it was sweet, just mild spicy and a hint tangy.  MerlinFan felt it could have used a bit more egg; I felt perhaps more peanuts.  Lots of chicken, though.

Pad Thai with chicken $17
MerlinFan the potato fiend was sold on the Masman Curry as soon as she saw the word 'potato' in it.  We opted for mildly spicy only. 

Masman Curry with chicken $18 
The curry was rich, creamy and both sweet and salty with mild heat, swimming with wedges of soft potatoes and tender chicken.  

In the end, as delicious as they were, both dishes ended up being too rich and the flavours too intense for us to finish.  A good advice would be to have a side of rice to accompany and soak up the curry.  A nice small spot for Thai food - would be glad to stop by when we're in Wodonga - I'd like to try their green curry and their sweet and sour dishes did smell pretty mouth-watering as we were waiting.

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