129a Beaconsfield Parade, Albert Park VIC 3206
Date visited: 3rd November 2013

We woke up to a dreary, drizzly Sunday morning.  In typical Melbourne style, the dark clouds were gone and it was all sunshine and blue skies minutes later, so we thought it safe to head to NSHRY (pronounced Noshery) in Albert Park.  

As we drew closer to our destination, the clouds grew more ominous, the wind picked up and it started pelting.  Again.  Sigh.  Melbourne, why do you do this to us.

Anyways, we drove around and amazingly found all day parking for free down Kerferd Road.  Talk about strong winds throwing the car back and forth and sending the branches of the humongous date palm trees thrashing.  We waited till the rain died down (again) before braving leaving the shelter of our car.  

OMG talk about blown away by the wind.  

Damn, a couple of guests before us nabbed the last indoor table, and as it was ridiculously wet and windy, we opted to wait.  I took the opportunity to snap a couple of shots outside down the pier.  Looks deceivingly sunny but it wasn't.  I quickly rushed back in.

It wasn't long before a table became free and we were able to sit.

MerlinFan and I had coffees.  I had a Cappuccino and MerlinFan had a Latte.  They were both pretty good.

Cappuccino (left), Latte (right)
AS decided to get the Fish and Chips.  It was a pretty big portion.  The tempura battered gummy flake was fresh, seasoned with seaweed, sesame and wasabi flakes.  It was served with hand cut potato chips and tartare sauce.  I loved the salty sweet, slippery wakame seaweed salad.

Fish and Chips $24.50
MerlinFan and I decided to get two dishes to share.  She had one of the specials, the Buttermilk fried chicken, maple candied bacon and ranch slaw on waffle bun with a side of beer battered chips and green salad.
Buttermilk fried chicken $19
Gasp!  From the description made it sound like actual chicken pieces (like ribs or wings or something) - this was actually a buttermilk fried chicken schnitzel-thing.  I've never been a fan of schnitzels, so I was disappointed.  MerlinFan kinda suspected along those lines so she was prepared.  LOL.  On the positive side, the crumb was crunchy and pretty nice.  The waffle was our favourite part of the dish - it was a dense, rich and sweet waffle with chunks of sugar.  Yum!  The chips were nicely salted and crispy, great with the three choice of dips.

Lastly, is the infamous Umami Burger that inspired our trip here today.

Umami Burger $23

The Wagyu and Angus beef pattie was cooked to medium rare, covered in Umami rub, brown mushroom sauce, gruyere, caramelised onions, oven roasted tomato and a parmesan crisp on a brioche bun.  We had high expectations but to be honest, neither of us were particularly wowed by it.  A burger is only as good as its patty, so despite the fancy toppings, we were underwhelmed by the beef pattie, which tasted just like meat without seasoning or that desired chargrill flavour.  None of the fancy toppings seemed to stand out either - we didn't particularly make out the mushroom sauce, Umami rub or gruyere.  Oh well.  Sounded amazing on paper.  If anything, the chips were great.  

Overall, a little disappointed by the best burger of 2011 but otherwise food and drinks were pretty nice and it is a lovely spot overlooking the beach.

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