Maha's Burger and Beer Special

21 Bond St, Melbourne 3000
Date visited; 6th December 2013

Maha has a great Burger and Beer Special available at the bar from 12-3pm on weekdays for just $18.  This offer has been going on for quite some time now since Shane Delia's lamb burger as a lunch special.  Making a booking is advisable, as the place as usual, gets pretty packed.

A new month means a new burger and this month's burger is Angus beef pattie, gravy mayo, kasha cheese, lettuce, tomato relish and maple candied bacon.  It comes with Cisk beer, however MerlinFan and I both opted to swap it for something non-alcoholic.

The burgers are presented open on wooden boards.  

Angus beef burger 

Both halves of the bun were soft and fluffy, buttered and grilled till lightly crispy.  The beef pattie had a robust meaty flavour with chargrilled edges but was insanely salty.  It was topped off with melted salty kasha cheese, a couple of lettuce leaves and sweet, sticky and crisp candied maple bacon.  On the other half of the bun was a dollop of delicious gravy mayo.

I'm a salt freak and I loved this burger, but it did get overwhelmingly salty.  MerlinFan couldn't even finish hers.  It was a bit of a pity though, because all the individual components were amazing.

We also ordered a side of chips which were crispy and perfectly seasoned.

Chips $6.50
The Burger and Beer Lunch Special at Maha is obviously popular and I doubt it will be going anywhere soon.  Had the beef pattie been a notch less salty, I would have considered it one of Melbourne's best burgers.


  1. The burger looks great with all those fantastic elements, too bad it is so salty, hopefully they go easier on it in the future!

    1. Yes if only they could tone it down - would be perfect!