The Borek Bakehouse

481 Elizabeth St, Melbourne 3000
Date visited: 1st March 2014

Geez, is it March already!  Been so busy lately (one and a half day weekends are not fun) and with MerlinFan slaving away to meet her assignment dateline, it meant no time for leisurely brunches out.  All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy >:( 

Anyway, I decided to pop down to The Borek Bakehouse to get us a quick lunch.  Not to be mistaken for The Borek Shop at Queen Vic Market, this one is along Elizabeth Street specialising in Turkish goodies - they offer not only boreks for $3, but also $6 gozlemes as well as other pastries.  We were after the gozlemes today.  They were made to order and it was a six minute wait.

Whilst waiting, I studied their other tempting looking sweet desserts.

I got two gozlemes - they smelt amazing and were burning my hands as I carried them piping hot in the wrapped paper.

Spicy Lamb Gozleme $6
The Spicy Lamb Gozleme was delicious.  The lamb was only mildly spicy but otherwise very flavoursome, with generous amounts stuffed between layers of pastry.  Yum.  And it was a good size for $6.

Spinach and Cheese Gozleme $6
MerlinFan and I didn't like the Spinach and Cheese Gozleme as much.  We had half of each, and agreed that pastry in the middle of this one was thicker and as a result rather doughy.  There was really not a lot of cheese in there so it seemed to disappear in the folds of pastry and spinach.  Because we chose it for the cheese rather than the spinach, we didn't like this as much.  Popeye, on the other hand, and those who share his tastebuds might.

Really enjoyed the spicy lamb gozleme - perhaps we'll try the boreks next time.

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