192 Little Collins St, Melbourne 3000
Date visited: 13th September 2014

I have been dying to visit Meatmaiden, sister restaurant to Meatmother ever since I found out they had opened in the basement where Little Hunter was previously situated.  Meatmaiden specialises in meats off the grill and the smoker - now, how can we carnivores resist? 

The venue is well signposted by boards, arrows and a row of lights leading down a metallic stairwell that make you feel as though you're descending into some mysterious subterranean shelter.

The interior was dark but elegantly beautiful.  It was surprisingly quiet when we arrived at noon on a Saturday, and we got our pick of a comfortable, roomy booth.

Now, I reached into my bag and realised with horror that the worst had happened - I had forgotten my camera!  Kicking myself and my early onset dementia, I was left to make do with my phone in dim lighting.  So, sorry for the grainy photos.

We were presented with complimentary crisps whilst waiting.

We started off with drinks - I wanted a Maiden Sweet Tea, but they didn't have it today, so we both had Southern Lemonades.  Soft version.  They were awesomely tangy, and so beautifully presented in these jars then sprinkled with sugar sugar.

Southern Lemonade $7
We ordered three things to try.  I should mention the portion serves are quite small, so perfect for ordering a few to share.

MerlinFan is not a huge steak person (how can we be related, seriously) so she chose the Southern fried chicken ribs with tequila mayo.  These ribs were deliciously crunchy - they reminded us of the ribs at Rose Garden without the spiciness.  I didn't detect tequila in the mayo, but I felt the chicken didn't need it anyway.

Southern fried chicken ribs, tequila mayo $14
The other dish we came for was the Lobster Mac.  The macaroni was rich and cheesy with a lovely crispy topping.  The icing on top of the cake, the lobster medallion itself was sweet and full of lobstery flavour.  Although it looked small, the portion was quite filling even shared between two.

Lobster mac $22
As I've already mentioned, MerlinFan isn't fond of steak (especially ones that are not well done @_@), so she let me make the choice from the smoker/ grill.  Such a tough choice - I was torn between the wagyu brisket, beef short rib and the flat iron steak, but in the end, my love for a steaks won over and I decided to go for the O'Connor pasture-fed flat iron steak.

O'Connor pasture-fed flat iron steak 220g $22

This was fantastic.  The 220g of flat iron steak came out perfectly medium rare, just like how we requested - really, I think it's a crime to have it any more done than that.  The meat was tender, juicy, buttery and very flavoursome.  

MerlinFan was too full for dessert (although secretly I suspected it was because she wanted to pig out at the movies after this) so we made a rare decision to pass on dessert.  

All the dishes we sampled today were excellent, which is rare for any first visit.  Great food, friendly and efficient service - Meatmaiden, you have me won over.  Will definitely return to try the beef brisket and the ribs. 

Second Visit
Date revisited: 27th September 2014

We were back again only two weeks later so I couldn't be bothered making a revisit post, just a short add on.  My OCD tendencies made sure I had my camera in tow this time, however I realised it didn't make a huge difference, lighting was shocking anyway ;P

We went for the Mash & rye gravy.  I've never been a fan of watery, overly smooth mash that is more liquid than solid.  Now this is my ideal mash. It was creamy but still had that fluffy yet dense potato texture.  Perfectly seasoned and topped off with delicious rye gravy, this was everything a great mash is supposed to be for me.

Mash & rye gravy $8
The other thing we came back to try was the Gippsland beef short rib.  Unfortunately, this fell a little bit short compared to the flat iron steak we had at our last visit, as well as the brisket, which I will talk about shortly.  Most of the ribs were overcooked and really chewy around the edges, which was a disappointment.

Gippsland beef short rib $25
Last but not least, we had the 20-hour Rangers Valley wagyu brisket with native Tassie pepper berry rub.

20-hour Rangers Valley wagyu brisket $10 per 100g
OMG.  I would have to say this was our favourite between the ribs, flat iron steak and brisket.  Beautifully smoky, push apart tender (no knife needed), the fatty corners bursting with robust meaty flavours.  Just awesome - a highly recommended must try.  Even though we were disappointed with the beef ribs, Meatmaiden totally redeemed themselves with the perfect mash and drool worthy brisket.

MerlinFan and I already have a few favourites at Meatmaiden - no doubt we'll be back again!

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