Cafe No. 5

5 Centre Place, Melbourne
Visited: 25th September 2011

Another day with great weather, perfect to start off with a good breakfast.  Headed down to Cafe No. 5, a small cafe along one of Melbourne's signature laneways.  It was full when we arrived, but we were seated quickly in the middle of one of the communal hardwood benches.  I would have preferred a booth, but people were coming and going so there was more than enough space without having to bump elbows with fellow patrons.

I started off with a latte - all I can say is this... it is the best latte I've had in a while!!!  Super hot, thick and creamy - everything I yearn for in my ideal latte.

There was an excellent assortment of breakfast fares including hearty meals.  I had a craving for eggs, so I went with the Eggs Benedict again today.  The serving was huge, with two large slices of bread, thick delicious ham and heaps of rich hollandaise sauce.  Both eggs were only a tad runny and just slightly overcooked, but who am I to complain?

Eggs benedict

MerlinFan had an even huger serving of French Toast, which came served with sausage, bacon and a separate little container of maple syrup.  I love maple syrup with my savoury breakfast classics, so it was a thumbs up for me.  And the sausage was fantastic!  The eggy French Toast was delicious with the sweet maple syrup and the salty flavours of the bacon and sausage.  MerlinFan and I ended up dividing our dishes (and there was more than enough for two!) feeling mildly like pigs for eating first and second breakfast!

French toast
Overall, a damn good breakfast.  I would definitely come here again, even if it was just for the latte.

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