Wickedly Delicious Patisserie/ The Mountain Grande Tea Rooms Cafe

109B Monbulk Road, Monbulk, Melbourne 3791
Date visited: 19th April 2012

AS and I stumbled upon this not-so-hidden gem in Monbulk by sheer luck one afternoon.  We had planned to drive up to the Dandenong Ranges and have Devonshire tea at one of the berry farms like we had in the past.

Autumn foliage
 We were disappointed - when we got there, we found the farm and cafe closed.
We remembered that on the way up, we had passed a cafe - the sign for Award Winning Pastry Chef had caught our attention.  We decided to turn back and have tea there.

We were greeted by the friendly Helena, owner and maker of all of the pies in the bakery.  Now, the cafe closes at 4pm - we got there at 3.20pm, but Helena kindly assured us that she would not kick us out LOL.

There was a breakfast menu, a good range of gourmet pies (with ingredients such as oysters!!!) as well as beautiful desserts in the display counter.  We were most curious about the award winning pie that had lured us in in the first place :D
Wickedly Delicious rated No.1 pie
Notice Williamson's Pie and Pastries in No.4 :)

I had previously posted some photos, but upon my second visit on 28th April 2012, MerlinFan noticed a sign that said to ask management if customers were going to take photos.  I had missed the sign on the first visit, so out of courtesy to the cafe, I have removed the pictures.

I had a latte and AS had the tea.  Good, strong coffee :)

I hadn't had lunch, so decided to share the Devonshire tea and a pie.  The Devonshire tea came with two good-sized scones (you could pick from the regular, fruit or sticky date scone), cream, butter and two types of jams.  We had a regular scone and a sticky date scone.  The scones were really light and fluffy - the regular scone was nice, but the sticky date scone was amazing!  

I really wanted to try their award-winning chunky steak pie, or their number two beef and burgundy pie, but sadly enough, because it was already late in the afternoon, their best selling pies were already sold out by noon!  I tried the beef and plum pie.

This was one delicious pie.  The pastry was thin and flaky, and the filling tasty with huge chunks of juicy, tender beef.  If this was one of their regular pies, I really wonder how fantastic their number 1 pie must be!

We enjoyed the pie so much, we decided to get the chicken and mushroom one for takeaway.  

With the yummy food and friendly service, Wickedly Delicious (aka The Mountain Grande Tea Rooms) is a place that is definitely worth dropping in to if you're visiting the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, or even someplace you'd make a drive up for.  The cafe is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and you might want to drop in early if you don't want to miss out on their award-winning pies (although we were told we could call in and ask them to set aside the pies).

Our cloud had a silver lining and I will love to come back again and try their Chunky Steak pie :)

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  1. I am a local and quite excited when I thought this place was changing hands due to their signage but after giving it another go realised that it had not crap service overpriced limited menu I wish they would move on
    Local lady Deb

    1. Hi Deb, sorry you feel that way. Like you, I can only comment on my own experience and I've since been back to Wickedly Delicious with family several more times for their steak pies and desserts - all I can say is I've consistently received friendly, prompt service from the staff and owner is lovely too. Each to their own, I suppose.