Dessert House Eatery

313 Swanston St, Melbourne
Date visited:  28th April 2012

We haven't been to Dessert House for ages - the last time we came here was years ago with Chocolate Muffin - the waiters kept watching us like hawks while we were eating, whisking our plates away as soon as we were finished and then wanting to bring us the bill (instead, being buggers we ordered more drinks and desserts LOL).  Anyway, we felt it was a bit rude how we were rushed out of the restaurant so we didn't bother coming back for a long while.

Today we just wanted a light, quick lunch so Dessert House seemed the place.  We came late so that it wouldn't be so crowded.  Seating is not the most comfortable, quite cramped and one of the chairs at our table was dirty, covered with rice.  XP

I had nothing to fault with the milk tea with pearl sago.  Pearls were perfect.

Milk tea with pearl sago $2.50
My favourite dish here has always been the fried kueh tiaw with egg chiffon sauce and chicken.  I see they are still generous with the chicken and egg, although it could have used a bit more sauce, as with this type of sauce, it dries and curdles easily.
Fried rice noodle with egg chiffon sauce and chicken $10.00
We had the XO fried kuey teow.  It came with squid, fishcake and scallops.  I was happy with the wok-hei flavour. 
XO Fried kuey teow $10.50
Overall, food came super quick (less than five minutes, I would say), waitresses are brisk and speedy but not impolite.  A good place to have a quick meal if you're in a hurry, but not somewhere you would want to meet up with friends for a long, leisurely catch up.  For the latter, I'd go to the sister branch, Pancake Dessert House Eatery in Mid-City Arcade 18/200 Bourke St - they are much less hardcore about table turnover.

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