Cafe Vue Melbourne International Airport

Reviewed by MerlinFan
Melbourne International Airport (Terminal Two)
Date visited: 8th April 2012

MerlinFan flew back from Melbourne today for holidays back home.  Just her luck, that her flight was delayed 1.5 hours, so all the passengers were given a $15 food voucher each to use in Melbourne Airport.  The delay was a bugger, of course, but hey, at least they compensated with freebies!  I told MerlinFan, she had to try Cafe Vue, since we hadn't tried the one in the CBD yet.

MerlinFan went of course, with her voucher.  I was telling her about the caramelised brioche, maple syrup, Heide honey & poached pear, and the duck egg, bacon & hollandaise jaffle that they had on the breakfast menu until 12pm online, but MerlinFan didn't see that on the menu there.  What a disappointment.

She had a regular latte (in a cute paper cup too) and a lemon tart instead.

Latte $4.50
MerlinFan says sorry, but she dropped the cup lid into the latte and ruined the coffee art >:(

The coffee at Cafe Vue is by 5 Senses.  MerlinFan said when she licked the foam off her fingers she could already taste mmmm!  The coffee was strong and had a really nice flavour, with just the right amount of bitterness that she liked.  She said it tasted exactly like the beautiful coffee wafts you get when you walk by coffee shops.  (Damn, I'm jealous already!)

Lemon Tart $5.70

MerlinFan says sorry, the tip of the meringue was mushed by the paper bag >:( >:( >:(

The lemon tart was basically a lemon meringue pie on a tart.  The lemon was smooth and slightly chewy, tart but not too sour and the meringue shiny, soft and not overpoweringly sweet.

MerlinFan's impression was that overall, Cafe Vue exceed her expectations, but she wouldn't pay $5.70 for a lemon tart - too steep for something that small.

I don't know, MerlinFan... I'm curious, especially about the coffee.  How about a trip to Little Collins St someday?

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