211 Latrobe St, Melbourne Central 3000
QV2 Level 1, 41 QV Melbourne 3000

Breadtop is a franchise Asian bakery selling breads, buns and cakes.  It's a place we frequent to buy cakes most of the time, not so often pastries.  

Their spongecakes are really light and airy.  It is $19.00 for the smallest 5 inch cake - if you have a couple of people to share (or love cakes and want the whole one to yourself), it's much more worth it to get the whole cake than the small slices which from memory, are just a little over $4.  

Being from a family full of cake lovers, we usually have a cake in the fridge most of the time from David Jones or Breadtop.  We used to get the Black forest gateau, but I'm now a bit sick of it, so we try to try different cakes from time to time. 
Black Forest Gateau $32
Chocolate mocha gateau
5 inch Mango gateau $19.00
(Bought by MerlinFan for herself while I was away on holidays :P)
5 inch Strawberry cheesecake $19.00
I didn't know Breadtop did cheesecakes, so I was curious to see what they looked and tasted like.  We bought the Strawberry cheesecake for this long Easter weekend.  It was actually a spongecake with cheesecake cream - a nice, light idea in comparison to your regular dense, rich cheesecake.

The pastries, egg tarts and donuts from the bakery are quite nice too.  

Vanilla slice $3.30
Vanilla slice - nice combed glazed icing, sweet custard and puff pastry.

I wasn't too impressed with the sweet buns that came wrapped in the pack - we bought the mini coconut bun or something like that and it was absolutely ghastly - quite dry with barely any filing inside. >:(

Come to Breadtop to buy the cakes and tempting looking pastries in the window display, but personally I'd stay away from the packaged sweet buns.

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  1. I thought it was the butter bun! Hardly any filling, and what filling tasted like weird maraschino cherry which was kinda sick... Nevertheless, our cat was REEAALLLY interested in it though he was getting none of it!

  2. LOL he totally hit my bun with his paw, maybe cos he thought it smelt bad...

  3. so expensive for just the cakes. :( i really only go there for the triple spring onion bun- $1.80 which is really filling

  4. True... but if you look at the teeny measly slices of cake they sell for $4+ you save a lot more by getting a whole one :P