The Cuckoo Restaurant

508 Mt. Dandenong Tourist Rd, Olinda 3788.
Date visited: 6th May 2012

The Cuckoo Restaurant is located in the Dandenong Ranges, and is known most for being a smorgasbord restaurant for tourists.  We stopped by yesterday after a trip to the National Rhododendron Gardens to view autumn leaves =D  

Initially we planned to have the Devonshire tea for $10pp but after walking by the buffet of gorgeous desserts set up for the afternoon tea, we changed our minds and decided to go for that instead =P ($25 pp).  The place was dimly lit with Bavarian decor and red-checkered tablecloths - it reminded me of one of the restaurants we visited in Germany.  The waitresses were even wearing traditional costumes.

Cute table setting
Cheese and crackers
We all wondered why there were so many carbohydrates out, mainly bread-based - all of which would make you feel full too fast.  (Sorry for the somewhat dark photos - it was dimly lit but because the actual buffet lights were bright, my camera flash refused to come on >:S)
Hot food
Cakes and pastries

Jellies and some gluten free desserts

Tea, coffee and milk were included in the afternoon tea.  Any other drinks you could order and pay extra for.  

We were a bit early for the afternoon tea (3.30pm-6pm) so when we were seated, they only had the desserts out but not the savouries.  No matter, we raided the cakes and pastries first! The four of us mainly had similar desserts, so I will just post some of the different ones we had.
MerlinFan's first dessert - apple strudel, chocolate cake, spongecake, cheese
Cheese & crackers, REALLY yummy apple strudel
Mum's crumble, cream, custard, pavlova, chocolate cake
My second dessert - chocolate cake, some sort of sponge cake, cheesecake, pavlova
OMG at this point the desserts got sooo sweet it was time for a change of palate!  Thank goodness by now the savouries were out. 
Clockwise from top: Wurst (sausage), doughnut, pizza, ?meatball (that tasted like Indian spices!), potato
Loved the wurst!  Juicy and very tasty, slightly chewy inside with slightly crispy skin.
Herbed ham on baguette, smoked salmon on rye bread, crackers
Last but not least, our final desserts.
MerlinFan's green theme - pavlova, kiwi fruit, lime jelly, rock melon
My red theme - watermelon, blueberry spongecake, raspberry jelly
Lovely huge range of desserts - I'm sure everyone will find something to their liking.  Later in the afternoon, there was also live music and singing.  

It's a tad bit pricey for $25 but for those sweet-tooths, it's worth dropping by if you happen to be in the Dandenong Ranges, even just for the fun experience.

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