Adriano Zumbo

12-14 Claremont St, South Yarra, VIC 3141
Date visited: 17th November 2013

We were debating whether to head down to Zumbo or not.  Finally after weeks of wanting to go, we were then stuck at Fitzrovia for an eternity and beyond due to a forgotten food order.  It was almost 2pm when were left and were wondering whether or not all the goodies would be sold out by then.  Anyway, we decided to try our luck and head over there.

There was a queue in the tiny shop but it moved swiftly.

There were goodies in display in the glass cases.  Full sized cakes, mini versions, chocolates, Zumbarons and pastries. 

I didn't get to take photos of the Zumbarons.  We were told nicely to get out of the way so that people that were in line behind us could choose their bloody Zumbarons.  <look of rage>  

Sorry.  Am usually more tolerant but as you can probably tell, I'm still in a bad mood from Fitzrovia.  It's also a pretty annoying system where the staff were taking orders from different spots.  Some were asking who's next from the front where the cakes were displayed, some from the end of the line where the Zumbarons were.  In other words, any unabashed rebel-without-a-cause queue cutter could say "me!" and jump ahead.  It may work fine when it's not busy, but when there's a long queue it's just downright annoying.  

Anyway, MerlinFan was after the Zumbarons and I wanted a Zonut, so we didn't bother with the cakes this time.

Chocolate $15
Zumbaron $2.50 each
Top: Blueberry pancake, Salted butter popcorn
Bottom: Salted butter caramel, Fingerbun
The shells were not quite crispy and did not crack but were soft and had a slight chew.
Salted butter popcorn: buttery filling, the shell strangely enough reminded me of Cheetos/ Zigzag Twisties
Salted butter caramel: not particularly salty but the dark caramel was sweet and rich
Blueberry pancake: really like a blueberry pancake in a Zumbaron.  Loved this.
Fingerbun: very sweet and cinammony and coconutty

Zonut $5
The idea of a Zonut had me intrigued.  It was so pretty too (although some of the cannoli bits fell off on the way home).  It's Zumbo's version of Dominique Ansel's 'cronut' which is a cross between a croissant and a doughnut.  The Zonut had all the delicate, flaky layers of a croissant with the fluffy inside of a deep-fried doughnut.  Love!  It was also slightly savoury too, and today's toppings, pistachio and blackberry, vanilla rice pudding and cannoli not overly sweet.  Heck, I even liked Zumbo patisserie's Facebook page so I can stalk new Zonut flavours. 

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