688 Queensberry St, North Melbourne
Date visited: 11th October 2014

Geez!  So out of date with my posts.  Have been busy on study break for exams and hadn't had time to blog, so this post is two weeks overdue.  Will make it snappy.

MerlinFan and I popped by into Beatrix for some take home goodies after yet another brunch at Twenty and Six Espresso only a block down.  

Everything was crammed into a minute space containing several tables and a counter and glass display chock full of cakes, tarts and cookies.  The girl that served us was friendly and enthusiastic.

MerlinFan and I love our Red velvet, so of course we were going to get a slice of that vibrant red cake.  My only peeve was that the only two pre-sliced portions left were uneven, with a huge and a small one.  Even before I ordered I knew who was going to get the small one.  Sigh - me (in case you didn't realise).  The cake itself was moist and fluffy, the cream cheese frosting light - altogether yummy but MerlinFan and I agreed it just doesn't beat our beloved red velvet cupcake!  

Red velvet
Our second pick was the Strawberry cheesecake.  It looked beautiful in the display.  I liked the texture of this rich, creamy cheesecake and the strawberry layer, however it was laced with a strong spice that I didn't particularly enjoy.  I like my classics traditional, and the spice was a tad overpowering, which distracted and detracted from the lovely cheesy, tangy flavour of the cheesecake.  That's just me, someone else might absolutely love it.

Strawberry cheesecake
Overall, Beatrix offers pretty cakes in good sizes (bigger sizes if you're lucky).  Dining room is limited, so best bought as take away.

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  1. I would shamelessly ask or point to the bigger piece, every time ;)