Café Dérailleur

38 Norton St, Wangaratta 3677
Date visited: 20th April 2013

Café Dérailleur is the small cafe located inside the existing Bead & Bauble shop right across from the Wangaratta railway station.  Some even say this is where you get the best coffee in Wangaratta.

Toward train station
Cute bike 'cosy' 

MerlinFan was staying here in Wangaratta with me overnight after I made a round trip to pick her up from Wodonga the night before - we were planning to head back down to Melbourne at the crack of dawn but the allure of coffee got too tempting on this crisp, icy 3 degree morning.  So, we lingered around until after 7am and perfect, Café Dérailleur was now open.

The interior was really homey yet quirky with vividly coloured walls, patchwork, multicoloured stools and displays of handmade jewellery from Bead & Bauble.  Their baclava and muffins in the display looked amazing but MerlinFan and I were just after a quick coffee.

 We both had lattes.  Was it the best coffee in Wangaratta?

Boy, that latte sure hit the spot on a freezing morning.  It was gorgeous, and one of the better coffees I've had - sure beat a lot of coffees I've had in Melbourne.  It's nice to know there's a place I can head to for a good caffeine hit when I'm in Wang and I'm looking forward to returning and trying some of their muffins, bagels and brekkie fare.

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