Huxtaburger CBD

Fulham Place off Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000
Date visited: 13th April 2013

Now, I visited the original Huxtaburger in Collingwood some time last year and told MerlinFan how good it was.  We have been dying to go to the Huxtaburger that opened in the CBD not too long ago, however, working in regional Victoria and coming down only for weekends meant that I didn't have as much time to eat out with MerlinFan as we used to <sob>.

Anyhoo, woes aside, we finally made time to come down this cloudy Saturday noon for lunch.  

The Huxtaburger branch in the city was not hard to find, with the glowing Hot Beef, Cold Beer sign down the alleyway of Fulham Place.

The interior was gloomy, with lots of black, yellow and steel topped off with red bar stools and checkered floors.  There were also some tables outside and bar type seating around the peripheries of the room. 

The menu was similar, with an addition of The Vanessa, which was an all day breakfast burger with bacon, egg, cheese and Bloody Mary mayo, which sounded awfully good (but not something I had in mind as I was in the mood for beef).

The staff here were thankfully smilier and friendlier than their sooky-faced counterparts in Collingwood when I went last year.  It was about 12.30pm when we arrived, so not quite full yet.

We ordered our food at the counter and filled our soft drink from the machine near the door.

Soft drink machine 
We found seats at the bar overlooking the near empty interior of the neighbouring complex.

There was an ample supply of ketchup and napkins, which was a good thing because trust me, napkins were a necessity.

Condiments and our Sprite
Pretty soon, the air was filled with the mouth watering, chargrilled aroma of beef patties and in minutes our burgers were brought out to us.

Our feast
MerlinFan and AJ had the Huxtaburger, which was their basic beef burger, topped off with cheese, tomato, lettuce, ketchup, mustard mayo and pickles.  The burgers are not huge, but a good size to leave you comfortable room for chips.  They both liked Huxtaburger's rendition of the original burger and the brioche bun.  MerlinFan liked the buttery flavour, however AJ did comment that her bun got really soft and disintegrated before she finished her burger.  If only they offered an option of a brioche or a hardier panini bun like at Grill'd.  :D 

Huxtaburger $8.50
I had the Huxtaburger before at Collingwood, so I decided to try the Theo.   Man, look at that tower.  
Theo $12

The Theo had double beef, cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce, BBQ sauce, mustard mayo and pickles cradled between a brioche bun.   Although nice, I felt the downfall of this burger was the brioche bun.  I don't know if they were overgenerous with the BBQ sauce and mustard mayo, but my burger was absolutely saturated and within the first few bites, the bottom layer of my bun had the consistency of a soggy tissue and began disintegrating between my fingers.  I also felt that the extras detracted from the wonderful smoky, chargrilled flavour of the patty that I had been able to appreciate so much better in the original Huxtaburger.  Very much like the burger I had at Mr Burger, I felt overwhelmed by the sauces and the soggy underside of the bun toward the end.   Good thing my seat was facing outside, for I went through six napkins and my dish was half covered by a pool of mayo and BBQ sauce.  Definitely something you don't want to order on a first date - not unless you want to look like a pig/ slob (but a great idea if your date is a dud and you want to scare them off).

Oh yes, chips were pretty average crinkled cuts, no complaints there.

Verdict?  The same burgers, but service and wait time is a lot better than at Collingwood.   And to the people walking by outside staring at people like me eating like a pig with sauce all over my hands, Don't judge me.  I'm eating at Huxtaburger.

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