Frozen by A Thousand Blessings

Level 2, Melbourne Central
Date visited: 10th May 2014

There is another new self-serve fro-yo shop in town.  This one is Frozen and located on the second floor in Melbourne Central.  MerlinFan and I had a weird craving for dessert despite it being cold and raining out side yesterday - we wandered around the second floor wondering where the heck this dessert place could be, but then recalled seeing on New International Students' post that it was next to a lingerie shop.  LOL so we decided to look for that instead and lo and behold, there it was, sure enough, next to the lingerie shop, Honey Birdette.  

They have eight flavours including pomegranate, mango & soy, passionfruit, coconut, green tea, blood orange, chocolate and their original which is sweetened with Stevia instead of sugar.  The staff were very friendly, asked every customer if they had been before and were happy to explain the process and offer flavours to try.  The cost was by weight - $2.90 per 100g.  I wanted my own, but MerlinFan wanted the same flavours so being Alan Harper cheapo as usual she guilt tripped me into sharing.  >:P

Anyway, although all you can see is the Mango & Soy, I had also piled in the Pomegranate, Green Tea and Blood orange at the bottom.  About $11+ of it too >:D  Greedy but hey, we were sharing!

Man, do I suck at making ice cream look appealing.  Anyways, we chose the lychee, mango and pomegranate popping pearls as well as dragon fruit and real pomegranate.  We enjoyed the fro-yo.  The green tea could have been a bit stronger, and the pomegranate was our favourite by far.  We got to try the natural flavour as well, which was actually really nice too. 

They have other fruity toppings and even more tempting toppings like chocolates, popcorn,  Turkish delight, mochis and macaron shells to name a few... pretty awesome to me.  Gonna get my own small cup next time - and try to make my fro-yo prettier too.

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  1. They have a shop in South Yarra too, I keep meaning to try it but haven't yet!

    1. I saw that driving pass the other day, but couldn't stop at the time! Good thing they have one in the CBD :)

  2. Same prices everywhere for froyo I think. But they have more flavour here! While I shop next door I have yet to stop by here.

    1. I like the bigger range of toppings here too :)