Yet Another Twenty & Six Espresso Visit

594 Queensberry St North Melbourne 
Date visited: 21st April 2014

Twenty & Six Espresso is one of our favourite and most visited cafes in Melbourne.  We just visited the month before to try out their new menu, however, on looking for a spot to brunch out on the last day of our long Easter weekend (yes, belated post), I happened to check Twenty & Six's menu and saw with much excitement, our favourite black sticky rice pudding was back!  Totally made our day - off we rushed in a puff of smoke to Twenty & Six yet again.

It was full and we waited a short while in the chilly windy Melbourne morning.  Finally, we were shown seats out back and thankfully in a nicely sunny spot.  Autumn was truly here, and the courtyard was littered with beautiful orange leaves.  Perfect for coffee shots.

I tried one of their new dishes, the Crispy pork belly, pork and fennel sausage, braised cannellini beans, silver beet, garlic toast, slow poached egg.

Crispy pork belly $20

Loved this dish.  Fatty, juicy pork belly with salty perfect crackling.  MerlinFan loved the flavoursome pork and fennel sausages too - they were amazing with the cannelini beans and perfectly poached egg (with gooey runny yolk!).  The garlic bread was beautifully buttered and fragrant - I finished every bite on the plate.  I hope this dish stays - a great addition to their menu.

MerlinFan, ever the sweet tooth, of course had her beloved Black sticky rice pudding, coconut cream with banana, toasted coconut, pear, sesame snap.  

Black sticky rice pudding $15

The dish was more beautifully presented than ever, and the black sticky rice still nicely fragrant.  Perhaps it was because in the past, the coconut cream was salted and came with palm sugar and passionfruit pulp - MerlinFan stated she thought the cream in the previous dish had more a savoury and sweet flavour.  

What can I say, Twenty & Six Espresso is a cafe that we always come back to for great coffee and beautiful food.


  1. Welcome back, pudding! I'm a fan too. ;-)

    1. Love their food - despite having so many brunch spots in Melbourne yet to try, we always come back :)