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Charlie & Co Burgers
Date visited: 8th June 2014

This is yet another Emporium Foodcourt post.  There are just so many options under the same roof, so MerlinFan and I have made several visits and tried food from different stores here and there.  Wandering into the food court from the tunnel connecting it from Melbourne Central, it's like wandering into a brightly lit, beautifully swankified space.  At peak lunch hour, and on a weekend, the upper food court was just bursting with people, even on a miserably rainy day.

Now I considered compiling all the posts together but I hate posts where I have to scroll through multiple entries until finally I reach the one I had clicked the link to read about.  I hate it as much as the words "nom," "o nom nom nom," and "meh" (OMG!!!  These are not even words!!!)  Anyway... hence the separate posts.

Charlie & Co is the new burger joint in the Emporium food court.  At peak hours, the line for burgers was unbelievably long - an indication of how quickly it has gained popularity.  

MerlinFan got the burger and fries today - I had gotten myself sushi and Greek doughnuts to share for dessert, gotten ourselves a table and she was still in line.  Lucky for me, sushi doesn't get cold XP

Charlie & Co uses 100% pure Australian wagyu beef, artisan bread and free range eggs.  Today, MerlinFan got the Classic Charlie Burger.

Classic Charlie Burger $11.90 

The Wagyu patty was flavoursome and juicy, topped off with sun ripened tomato, pickled gherkins, garden leaves, aioli and Charlie's signature tomato sauce.  You could take your pick of melted cheddar, blue or brie cheese - MerlinFan chose the cheddar.  Although the toppings were delicious, the bread let it down - it was just that little bit too dry.  It may be just a matter of taste, but would have been good if they offered a choice of buns like at Grill'd, for those who don't like this particular one.

MerlinFan couldn't resist the Parmesan & truffle fries.

Parmesan and truffle fries $4.90
The fries were great!  Super crispy, wonderfully flavoured by the grating of parmesan - admittedly MerlinFan and I didn't think the truffle came through very much.

Overall, they have a good range of burger offerings, and bonus - they have dessert and coffees too. 

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