Cupcake Central

Level 2 Dining Hall, Melbourne Central, Melbourne
Date visited: 20th June & 29th June 2014

Cupcake Central bake their cupcakes fresh every day.  They have twenty rotating flavours, with six regulars - salted caramel, vanilla vanilla, Devil's food chocolate, red velvet, cookies and cream and raspberry white chocolate.

Now, MerlinFan and I had a craving for cupcakes last week.  I came home from rural Victoria for the weekend at 10pm, and was ecstatic to find MerlinFan had gotten us a box of pretties from Cupcake Central.  I swear there is nothing like watching a horror movie on a cold night, indulging in a box of cupcakes and a pot of steaming hot tea.

MerlinFan got a box of four for $15.  

Clockwise from top: Red velvet, Cookies & cream, Banoffee pie, Salted caramel

They were all yummy, but we loved the Red velvet - the red cocoa cake with velvety smooth cream cheese frosting.  Could eat a whole box full of them alone!!!  The Salted caramel was a chocolate cupcake filled with salted caramel and topped off with salted caramel butter cream icing.  We both love Banoffee, so of course we had to get the Banoffee Pie from the Winter Collection - caramel cupcake with bananas and bits of caramel.  I think it was meant to have home made pie crust on top but ours didn't have much of it.  Lastly was the Cookies & Cream which was just a little too vanilla and creamy for our liking.

We couldn't get enough and got more today.  Another Red Velvet and three new flavours.  

Clockwise from top: Red velvet, Black velvet, Raspberry white choc, Choco de Fuego

We tried the Black velvet, another cupcake from their Winter Collection.  This was a bittersweet, dark chocolate cupcake with an almond base which gave it a sweet scent akin to marzipan - didn't enjoy it that much for this reason (not a fan of marzipan!).  Next was one of their regular flavours, the Raspberry white chocolate, which was a vanilla white chocolate cake with a lovely tangy raspberry cream cheese frosting that tasted very much like raspberry yoghurt (yum!).  The fourth and final of the lot was the Chocolate de Fuego.  The chocolate cupcake was rich and moist, topped off with vanilla and cinnamon frosting and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper for that heat.  MerlinFan loved this.

Beautifully decorated, moist, soft cupcakes with a good array of changing flavours to satisfy any sweet tooth's cravings.  Yum.

P.S. They are seriously addictive, so be warned.  

Random photo of yet another visit

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  1. I loved this place. Don't know why you didn't especially when the cupcakes are made fresh on the day and they have different flavours each day. You can see them baking. This isn't like the other cupcake bakery downstairs, where it is indeed stale. I don't work for cupcake central, but am an avid foodie. My nlog: new games

    1. Kirk Apolo, I loved Cupcake Central too and visited multiple times - don't know what gave you the impression I didn't?