Pho Nom

Store 33, Lower Ground, Emporium, 287 Lonsdale St Melbourne
Date visited: 13th July 2014

This post is so long overdue.  Between work and studying for the dreaded exams, blogging unfortunately had to take a back seat.  Anyway, MerlinFan and I had a craving for pho (what better than hot soup on a cold wintry day!) after seeing drool-worthy photos our friends posted on Facebook of pho they were serving at a Vietnamese cafe they had recently opened overseas.  So off we went to try Pho Nom at the lower ground floor of Emporium.

Pho Nom serves up pho (naturally), rice paper rolls, spring rolls, Banh Mi, buns, salads and also com (rice) dishes.  A small selection of drinks, and of course, Vietnamese ice coffee.  Let's not forget booze too.

You make your order at the counter and collect your food once it's ready at the other end.  It was busy at lunchtime on a weekend, but our food was out in no time.  There were the usual toppings (mint, bean sprouts, chilli etc) you could top your pho with when you collect your dish, and extra condiments at the table to add to your taste.

I had the Pho Bo Hanoi with sliced rare beef, and MerlinFan had the Pho Ga+Bo which was shredded chicken and sliced beef.

Vietnamese Iced coffee $4.50, Pho
Pho Bo Hanoi $11
Ga + Bo $12
Yum!  Now as I've said before I'm no expert on pho so I will refrain from commenting regarding authenticity, but it sure was delicious.  Steaming hot, fragrant and perfectly seasoned broth with thinly sliced rare beef that cooked as you inhaled the fumes.  I can tell you I finished every drop of soup in my bowl.  Didn't even need to add any toppings.

The Vietnamese iced coffee was super sweet and strong, just how we liked it.  Thumbs up.

MerlinFan enjoyed the pho so much we ended up back at Pho Nom again the following weekend.  She had the Pho Bo Hanoi this time and I tried the Pho Bo Wagyu which was served with sliced Wagyu sirloin.

Pho Bo Wagyu $15

The wagyu came raw on a separate plate so you could add to your liking.  There were only about four slices but the Wagyu was tender, juicy and buttery.

Overall, MerlinFan and I really enjoyed Pho Nom.  Flavoursome pho, speedy service - nothing much to fault there!  Another great addition to Emporium Melbourne.

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