Vita Patisserie

Lvl 2, The Dining Hall, 
Melbourne Central, Melbourne 3000
Visited: 20th Nov 2011

This is not really a breakfast review, but more of a coffee and cake review.  Had a quick lunch at the Dining Hall in Melbourne Central, but as we passed Vita Patisserie, the strong, overpowering fumes of freshly brewed coffee was just too good to pass by!

We decided to have coffees and try a macaron each.

Latte and lemon & strawberry macarons

When our coffees came we noticed hey... one of the coffees had an interesting smiley face on it but the other didn't - no coffee art there.  Sad.  The coffee was really good though, rich, creamy and piping hot.

I had the strawberry macaron and MerlinFan had the lemon.  It was a bit pricey, ($2.80 for one and $11 for four) and I'm not a regular macaron indulger, but I was quite happy with my macaron.  The outside was light and crispy, and the inside moist and gooey  :D  The lemon had just enough sour tang, and the strawberry had a sweet, familiar taste to it, like that Asian biscuit stick with dip that we used to love as kids, Yan Yan!

Didn't try the cakes as they were quite expensive, $4.40+ for a tiny square when I think you can get bigger slices elsewhere for $6+ or even better, buy the entire thing at David Jones (where we usually get their delicious cakes).  Fair enough, the little squares were gorgeously decorated and looked really appetising but still... just ends up in the stomach anyways!


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