Theobroma Chocolate Lounge Melbourne Central

Shop T157, Melbourne Central (Near Shot Tower)
211 LaTrobe St, Melbourne 3000

Visited: 29th Dec 2011

I am so excited to have found this place!  The only thing I can't believe is how long it took me to step foot in here.  It all started when MerlinFan and myself couldn't think of where to have brunch before a day of grocery-shopping and supplies-shopping for my kitten.  We couldn't decide whether to go to one of our usual haunts or try somewhere new - all I knew was that I wanted a good coffee and MerlinFan suggested why not try that cafe in Melbourne Central that we pass by all the time?

We saw outside that there was all day breakfast that included our favourites, egg benedict and belgian waffles.  Sweet!  And what was even more amazing was the prices... I mean $8.00 for eggs benedict?  A real steal.

The ambience of the place was great, with its rich chocolate walls, dark wood tables and warm dangling lights.  There were plenty of tables inside and outside too, so there was no waiting for seats to become available. 

MerlinFan had the latte, and I had the mocha.

This is one gorgeous mocha!  You could pick between white, milk or dark chocolate, and I chose milk.  The mocha came piping hot with flakes of grated chocolate sitting on top, melting happily away.  Delicious.  It tasted more of hot chocolate than coffee, and reminded me a lot of Koko Black's rich mocha flavoured belgian hot chocolate.  I was in mocha heaven... in the end I was scraping out the leftover melted milk chocolate from the bottom of the mug - it was that good!

MerlinFan said her latte was good too, and more bang for your buck as it came in a larger than average cafe sized cup LOL.

Eggs benedict was on the menu so I knew I had to try it.  When they first brought the dish out I thought they had gotten my order wrong as there was some hint of greens under all the hollandaise.  This is a somewhat "healthier" version of this dish - there was some baby spinach on top of the toasted bagel, and although I'm not a big fan of spinach, it did go quite nicely with the dish.  Loved the tasty bacon, the hollandaise was tasty and rich with a slight tang to it.  The poached eggs were not perfectly poached, though - the yolks were just soft but not runny at all.  But I'm not one to return dishes to the kitchen as I don't believe in wasting food (and the two little chicks who lost their lives bless their souls) so I just enjoyed them.
Eggs benedict
MerlinFan, ever the sweet tooth indulged in her waffles with ice cream and strawberries.  Doesn't that just look SO good?  The waffles were more light and crispy rather than the rich, heavy Max Brenner type, but it was nice too, in its own way :)  The generous drizzle of melted chocolate was fantastic, very rich and creamy, went perfectly with the vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries.  
Waffles with ice cream and strawberries
Overall, I am ecstatic to have found this place - and to think it had been sitting under my nose all this while!  The food, the cafe decor and the little fancy chocolates in the glass display were so pretty MerlinFan and I couldn't stop taking pictures.  I'm sure the waitress thought we were tourists - when she brought our dishes, she happily told us "Now you can take pictures of both your dishes together!" LOL.


Chocolate frogs in the window display - too pretty to buy or eat!
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