Trunk Diner 2

275 Exhibition St, Melbourne 3000
Visited: 24th Dec 2011

We came to Trunk Diner for breakfast on Christmas Eve morning.  We had a few last minute grocery shopping to do and a yule log we had to pick up from David Jones, so we decided to head out early and have brekkie then finish our Christmas shopping.  MerlinFan had a craving for Trunk's french toast, so here we were again.

I decided to go for the mocha today.  I was pleasantly surprised when it came with two marshmallows on the side.  Yum!  How I love my mocha and latte.

I had decided what I wanted before I got here.  It was such a warm, balmy morning, so I thought it was the perfect time to try their waffles with grilled bananas, hazelnuts, ice cream and maple syrup.  

Waffles $11.00

Presentation was very nice - the waffle came in a pretty flower shape, covered with two halves of a sliced banana, a scoop of ice cream and a generous handful of hazelnuts.  The waffles were okay, but they weren't the best waffles I've had.  (The best waffles around by far would be the ones at Max Brenner, in my opinion - I will post on them the next time I'm there!)  This waffle was soft, more like a pancake and not crispy even around the edges :(  

The best thing about this dish was the grilled banana - it brought out the sweetness of the banana, tasted almost candied.  The vanilla ice cream was not overly sweet, and had flecks of vanilla in it which was a nice touch.  The other thing that could have made the dish better was that if there was more than just a drizzle of maple syrup - they could have served it with maple syrup in a separate small jug like they did at other cafes, so you could put on as much as you liked, so it wouldn't be a bit dry at times.

MerlinFan had the french toast again - it was consistently good, but comparing photos to the ones we had the last time we were here, there seemed to be more fruits on the french toast the last time.  (LOL still no powdered sugar, not fancy-schmancy)

French toast with berries
The other thing I just had to post was pictures of the diner again!  It was so different to that dreary, rainy morning when we first came last time... today there was such a nice, laid back atmosphere on this warm, sunny morning.  And before you think the diner was deserted, think again - the only reason it looked empty is because everyone was sitting outside on the tables and benches in the sunny courtyard.  I would have loved to sit out there but there weren't any spare tables so we found a table by the courtyard.  

Halfway through brekkie, the staff opened up the automated rooftop and the sun came filtering in through the treetops (never mind that a leaf immediately fell from overhead onto my waffles!)  Here are photos of the sun-dappled diner.  

Sigh... a nice place to fuel up and relax before a hectic day of last minute Christmas grocery shopping and cooking preparation!

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  1. Love the pictures of the restaurant! Truely captures the sunny, lazy atmosphere that morning. Think I see your arm in one of them, dude! XD