Max Brenner Melbourne Central

Shop 0E5, Menzies Alley, Melbourne Central Shopping Centre,
300 Latrobe St, Melbourne 3000.
Date visited: 3rd February 2012

MerlinFan and I had just had lunch at Kenzan, done a bit of last minute shopping and now was time for a drink and dessert.  What better place to head to than Max Brenner for some indulgence?

Now I'm sure no one in Melbourne has never been to Max Brenner (LOL) but I'm still going to do a post on it.

At first we just wanted to have drinks and maybe a chocolate souffle, but when we saw dishes of our usual favourite the Tutti-Frutti Waffle being whisked pass in front of us, we crumbled. Oh well, it would give me opportunity to take some pics and write a review – it would be only fair seeing that I only compare all Belgian Waffles to this!

I had the Strawberry Float.  When I ordered it, the girl at the counter asked if I wanted extra ice cream.   Now I've had this drink before and last time, the ice cream was practically hanging out the side of the cup, so my answer was noooo to that extra ice cream. It was a good thing, because like before, the glass was full, with the vanilla ice cream looking as though it had a life of its own and was crawling halfway out of the top of the glass. The drink is a blend of strawberries and white chocolate, topped off with mounds of vanilla ice cream. I really like the ice cream – it was sweet, creamy and a familiar hint that reminded me of milk powder.
Strawberry float

MerlinFan had the Pink Granita, which was a mixture of strawberries and passionfruit.  It tasted exactly like what it was, strawberries and passionfruit and was enough to give you a sugar high.

Pink Granita
We had the Tutti-Frutti Waffle (one for $14.00 and two for $18.50), which was warm Belgian waffles drizzled with pure melted milk chocolate and served with sides of strawberries, bananas and vanilla or chocolate ice cream.

This dessert leaves little else to be desired.  The waffle is warm and crisp yet rich, with just enough crunch, and has that beautiful milky taste.  It just goes so perfectly with the creamy ice cream, the sweet bananas and tangy strawberries.  Total chocolate dessert heaven.

Tutti-frutti waffle $18.50
Waffles with melted milk chocolate :D
What else can I say?  Love this place and the desserts they make.  I've been to the one at Melbourne Central and the one at QV and both are just as good.  Should I mention there was once a few years ago I went with my family and we were sitting there for over half an hour wondering where our food was, and why other tables were getting similar orders before us even though they had come later.  Finally we asked one of the waitresses and she admitted they had forgotten our order.  Yup - but they did offer to do our order, on the house.  No complaints there.

Of interest, there was a sign in the Melbourne Central shop that read along the lines of Look, Willy Wonka is alive!  

Yes, Willy Wonka is alive indeed.

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