Kenzan @ GPO

350 Bourke St, Melbourne 3000.
Date visited: 3rd February 2012

Now I've heard about Kenzan and how good the food is here for a while now, but I've stayed away as I believe the prices in comparison are a bit steep for Japanese food in the CBD.  Today however, I had a Meal Entertainment card which was going to expire and I was about to leave for two weeks to go overseas (yes, I'm going home!) so heck, what better excuse than this to waste a bit of money? LOL.

We arrived at almost 1.30pm and OMG it was noisy and packed! The setup of the place is quite interesting, actually. We headed out a side entrance from GPO into a narrow laneway (you can also enter via the tall gate along Bourke St Mall, where the entrance to Cafe de Vin is) and there were benches and tables set up outside Kenzan. MerlinFan was a bit put off by the queue, but I said hey, if there's a crowd, it must be a good sign, right?

Anyway, I decide to have a Tori Teriyaki, which was grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce, served with rice and vegetables for $16.00. A bit expensive, I have to admit.

MerlinFan got two sushi hand rolls, the lobster and potato salad, and the other was chicken with sweet chilli.  The hand rolls came wrapped in paper, with their own instructions. I had to admit I was quite intrigued – it was interesting that you had to “make up” your own roll.

Perfectly rolled sushi :D
At first MerlinFan was being a total spaz about which side of the wrapper to open and roll onto which side. The picture is self explanatory. You removed the seal and peeled away the right side, then moved the roll onto the nori and then do the same for the left side and roll the rice in the nori onto it. Needless to say, MerlinFan got the hang of it for her second roll.
MerlinFan really enjoyed the sushi, especially the lobster and potato salad roll which she said was very nice. I just had a small taste, but it went really well together – the potato salad was smooth and creamy.  The chicken with sweet chilli she said was okay.

My teriyaki chicken took a while to come – MerlinFan had to wait for me so that she wouldn't have finished eating by the time it got here LOL.  Anyway the teriyaki chicken was really nicely done – very tender and full of flavour. I liked the fact that it came with a side of veges – salad leaves, carrot, broccoli, long beans and MASH POTATO! I love anything with potatoes so you couldn't go wrong with this. The mash was really creamy, but with chunks of potato in it, which is how I like to have my mash :D Having teriyaki chicken with mashed potato is a bit of a novelty for me, so I did like that idea.

Teriyaki Chicken

Overall, good food, but a bit pricey for CBD Japanese food. I'd consider coming back here if I had a bit of money to throw around. LOL.

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