Theobroma Chocolate Lounge 2

Shop T157, Melbourne Central (Near Shot Tower)
211 LaTrobe St, Melbourne 3000

Visited: 24th Jan 2012

Remember how excited I was to find this place?  Well, today I came home from a half day at work with a craving for breakfast fare at 1.30pm.  Also, a rich, cold, chocolate/coffee beverage with ice cream sounded divine on another scorcher of a day.  With the chocolate drinks and all day breakfast menu, Theobroma seemed like the obvious choice.

It was full inside today, so we sat on wooden benches outside.  It was the perfect spot to take a photo of the entrance.

I decided to have the Chocolate Mocha Milk Frappe.  The frappe tastes like a rich concoction of milk chocolate ice cream, blended ice and topped off with flakes of milk chocolate.  Just heavenly.  The inside of the glass was lined with splashes of chocolate and it was a pity it had hardened from the coldness of the ice, as I would of loved some gooey chocolate sauce.  I didn't taste much mocha at all in this - to me it was all milk chocolate, which I loved just as well.

Chocolate mocha milk frappe

MerlinFan had the ice coffee, which was basically coffee with vanilla ice cream and a couple of coffee beans on top.  Cute.  The coffee was strong and thick, which is my ideal coffee, but MerlinFan said later she preferred my chocolate mocha frappe.  :D

Ice coffee

MerlinFan and I both wanted to have the French Breakfast at first.  It came with croissant, bacon, mushrooms and choice of eggs (scrambled, poached or fried).  MerlinFan chose the scrambled eggs.  I loved how the eggs were still a bit runny - just how I like my scrambled eggs!  I had to admit I had a case of food envy.  MerlinFan just adored the mushrooms.  Usually she's not a mushroom fan at all... but with all the great herbed mushrooms we've been having she's practically a convert.  I'm not a mushroom expert but I think these were creminis.  These mushrooms were really drool-worthy.  The herbs and seasoning really brought out that great mushroomy flavour.  The toasted croissant was light and tasty - MerlinFan felt it would have been perfect if the dish came with some butter for it.

French Breakfast
The staff at Theobroma are pretty flexible - at first I ordered a French Breakfast too, then I saw the French Toast on the menu (it's a bit weird how there's a small menu on each table, a board on the wall and at the door with a sign saying "more menu options inside" when the full menu is right on the counter in front of the girl taking the order, so it doesn't give you much time to decide!).  I changed my order at the last minute, and the girl was still pretty happy to do that.

French Toast

My French Toast was really light and crispy, not eggy and thick like some French Toasts can get.  It came with a small jug of maple syrup, which was a little too runny.  The bacon was slightly overdone, a bit hard around the corners.  Overall, this was not the best French Toast ever, but I was satisfied with it.

Still happy with this place.  I would happily come back for the breakfast fare and the fantastic drinks :)


  1. Great review. Sadly there seems no Theobroma Chocolate Lounge in the Philippines so I can't do some tasting and review. I would really love to go there just to eat some breakfast.