Good Luck Tea House

310 Chapel St, Prahran VIC.
Visited: 5th Jan 2012

The good thing about Good Luck is that they open until pretty late at night, so the three times I've been here has always been late.  Tonight we came at about 9.30pm on a Thursday night on my way home from work.

We had a pot of jasmine tea.  It reminds me of the first time we came here - it was at about 10pm, on the night we moved into our apartment and we were exhausted and starving.  The strong jasmine tea was steaming hot and fragrant, made us feel somewhat invigorated, awakened our senses.

Jasmine Tea

Every time I come here we have the wok fried noodles with chicken.  My mouth is watering just thinking of it - making me hungry again!  One thing I like about Asian restaurants is that they always use the thigh or leg part of the chicken, which is much juicier (not dry like how the breast part can get) and has that special chicken flavour.  The noodles are wok-fried and then covered with thick sauce - there was more sauce on the last two occasions, however tonight it was slightly drier... which was a shame because although some people like their fried noodles crunchy, I like drowning mine in sauce until it gets soft (and slimy).

Wok Fried Egg Noodles with Chicken
We tried the char kueh tiaw tonight.  It came with some small prawns and meat - it was nice enough, but it was spicy, which wasn't my favourite way to have this dish.  

Char Kueh Tiaw

The other new dish we tried was the honey chicken.  It sat atop a bed of croutons and was sprinkled with cashews.  The chicken itself was crispy and sweet, covered with light batter and honey.  The batter was really yummy and reminded me a lot of the texture of prawn fritters, although my aunt and MerlinFan commented that it tasted slightly like it was cooked with prawn or fish.  

Honey Chicken
The portions here at Good Luck are quite generous - on all occasions we were here, we had been positively ravenous, and still were unable to finish the dishes.  The first time here, we tried the sweet and sour pork, which was delicious, and the shark fin soup which I didn't really like - the soup was too thick and wasn't seasoned enough, and I didn't quite enjoy the gelatinous texture of the shark fin.  On another occasion, we had the fried rice with salted fish, which was pretty good too, however in the end the salted fish got a little too salty and left me really thirsty.

Overall, it's a place I would stop by after work for a dinner - dishes come out pretty quickly and service is good.  The restaurant just also had a mini-reno which also seems to brighten up the place.  Maybe one day I will come and try the yumcha.

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  1. Hi Cryptkeeper!

    Thank you for your kind words about out restaurant, we really appreciate it!

    I would love to invite you down to try our Yum Cha (as this is my personal favourite side of our menu).

    Love your blog and keep it up!

    May ^_^

    Good Luck

    1. Hi May,
      Thanks for visiting my blog. Will definitely be around to try the yumcha - keep up the great work!