Dessert Story

305 Swanston St, Melbourne 3000
Date visited: 26th October 2012

Having a light meal of baos from Nam Loong gave us comfortable room for dessert.  We had tried the Dessert Story at Lt Bourke St not too long ago and really enjoyed the Snow Ice, so we decided to pop by the branch on Swanston St on the way home.

It wasn't busy at 2pm on a weekday, so we could sit anywhere we wanted.  The decor is warm and homey, much bigger yet very similar to the Lt Bourke St branch.  They even had a second level for diners.

Again, we had the Mango Snow Ice with Crystal Jelly and Mango Juice with Popping Pearl.  It was with equally as generous a portion and as good as it had been at the other branch - it's always nice to see consistency =)   I've reviewed it before, so click here to view it. 
Mango snow ice $9.90
We had the Honey Bean, Coconut Jelly and Pearl from the Taro Ball series.  You could get it cold with shredded ice or warm with a red bean base.  We opted to get the warm as it was drizzly and getting dreary outside.
Taro Ball Series $6.80
It was odd, for the picture in the menu looked like real taro and sweet potato balls.  However, upon tasting it we were surprised to discover they were actually taro and sweet potato flavoured glutinous balls.  Not a fan of glutinous balls - reminds me of the time as kids we would get scolded by our Mum for not wanting to eat them at Chap Goh Meh Festival LOL.  Good times.  So if you're thinking of getting this, remember it's not real taro cut up into shapes of balls, ok, it's taro made into taro flavoured glutinous balls!  The taro balls were pretty bland on their own so it was good that there was plenty of soup to go around.  The red bean soup wasn't too sweet or too thick and the pearls were nicely cooked too.

Oh well.  Taste buds-wise, I have never been a fan of glutinous rice balls, sesame, herbal stuff or huge beans in my desserts, but the snow ice will no doubt keep reeling me back in for more.

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