Grigons & Orr Corner Store

Corner of Queensberry St and Chetwynd St, North Melbourne
Date visited: 24th January 2013

Grigons & Orr was recommended to us by Hui, who pointed it out as we passed by on our way to brunch the other day.  It is a corner store milkbar cafe that is open from 7-4 on weekdays and 8-4 on weekends.  They also do all day breakfast and lunch. 

Entering Grigons & Orr was like finding a nice, cool oasis in the baking 33 degree heat.  When I saw the cute interior, I was ready to hang myself.  I had forgotten my camera and realised it on the way but it was too ridiculously hot to double back, so I thought screw it, we'll just rely on our mobile phone cameras.

There was a impressive floor to ceiling shelf behind the counter reminiscent of an old lolly store.  Kids would adore this.
I have to thank MerlinFan and her iPhone for most of the photos.  Although my old Nokia (which isn't too bright for a supposed smartphone) is capable at times of pretty good photos, it can get temperamental and today was one of those days.  Not happy, Jan!
They do a big array of drinks including coffees, spiders & floats, smoothies and shakes.  Did the special shakes sound amazing on such a hot day!
 MerlinFan and I naturally went for their Special Shakes.
Banana Espresso (left), Lassi Come Home (right) both $7.50
The special shakes came in stainless steel milkshake cups.  I had the Banana Espresso which was banana with a (double) shot of espresso.  It had a hint of chocolatey coffee with small chunks of banana.  Yum.  MerlinFan had the Lassi Come Home (adorable name btw) with fresh strawberry, yoghurt and strawberry syrup.  She said it was like liquefied strawberry ice cream.

As always, we chose a sweet and a savoury to share.  

I chose the Pulled Pork Roll.  The roll was lightly toasted, soft on the inside and crunchy outside.  The pork hock was slow cooked then fast cooked - it was tender, smokey and salty, reminded me of ham.  Laden with rocket, salsa verde and aoili, you have got one very tasty pork roll.  I should mention as well, it was huge.  We almost finished it.
Pulled Pork Roll $17.50
Our sweet option was the French Toast.  The brioche was crispy on the outside and soft and airy inside.  It was heaped with a super generous mound of chocolate ganache, banana cream, caramelised banana, almond slivers, drowned with maple syrup and surrounded by tangy strawberries.  Yes, it tasted as good as it looked.  All the elements complemented one another perfectly and I especially loved the caramelised banana. 
French Toast $16.50 
The staff here were friendly and enthusiastic and I seriously don't think I have left a cafe so full since gorging myself at the ChinaBar buffet. The portions of food, including the drinks were massive.  What can I say, who doesn't love good value for your money.

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  1. Wow! That French Toast looks delectable! We will put this on our to-visit list and acknowledge you if we write a review. Thank you!

    1. Most welcome, although it was actually Hui from All Hail Your Huiness who gave us the heads up! I believe the toppings do change seasonally. Look forward to seeing what you think of it :)

  2. i think that I too have been there. but that was about two years ago. I think I had a mocha and something else. But wow your photos look good. I would love to try the french toast.
    Have you been to the new Grilld on Lt Bourke st? It is awesome and so is Gaijin Lunch bar.

    1. Thanks! No, I haven't been to either - I'm usually the last person to know about new places that pop up unless I happen to walk by. But I love Grill'd - our usual is the one at Melbourne Central but might try the Lt Bourke St one next time.

    2. $8 lunches at Gaijin lunchbar on a weekday on Lt Bourke st. They are awesome