Icey Ice Snow Ice

231 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne 3000
Date visited: 10th January 2013

Icey Ice Snow Ice.  What a name.  You'd think one Ice was enough.

Icey Ice Snow Ice is another dessert shop specialising in snow ice, which is a combination of something like shaved sorbet and ice cream.  You can opt to have their Creative snow ice, which is basically like a snow ice sundae, or you can build your own around eight basic flavours with standard toppings and add on toppings if you wish.  Icey Ice Snow Ice also offers sweet and savoury crepes and chillers.
The shop itself is pretty small with some tables indoors and a few scattered outside.  We came late afternoon on a weekday and the place was empty.  

I had a Banana Ice with chocolate sauce and fresh bananas $5.90.
I was 99.9% sure they gave me the wrong flavoured snow ice.  It looked too brown to be banana and tasted like peanuts.  Fair enough, I could have asked them to redo it but I hate wasting food so I didn't hassle them about it and just tucked into mine instead.  Texture-wise, the shavings were fine, smooth and fluffy.  Taste-wise I was never fond of peanuts in any shape and form in my desserts, so peanut snow ice wasn't my cup of tea.  I thought it lacked sweetness - it came with chocolate sauce as the standard topping, but as expected with most Asian dessert places, the chocolate sauce was the dark, watery, non-milk chocolate type which I was never fond of either.

MerlinFan had the Green Tea Ice with condensed milk and red bean paste $5.40.
MerlinFan really liked her green tea snow ice.  The green tea snow ice had only a mild green tea fragrance but went nicely with the condensed milk.  Although the menu stated red bean paste, MerlinFan was pleasantly surprised when it came with actual read beans.

I would still say I prefer the snow ice at Dessert Story - the flavours of the snow ice here were too subtle for me.  Although MerlinFan enjoyed her dessert, I didn't particularly enjoy mine.  In Icey Ice Snow Ice's defense, I would have to say this was mainly due to mistake in ordering/ wrong flavour choice.

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