American Doughnut Kitchen

Queen St, Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne
Date visited: 2nd March 2013

I do love a good doughnut.

We had hot doughnuts from the American Doughnut Kitchen for brekkie today (yeah I know, not the healthiest of options).  I love doughnuts from trucks and this was no exception.  No trip to Queen Vic Market is ever complete without doughnuts or churros - we got five for $1 each.

These misshapen little pastries were golden brown, covered with large granules of sugar.  After biting through the crispy skin, you find yellowy slightly chewy insides.  The only letdown was the fact that these doughnuts could use more than just dab of jam inside - I sorely missed the squirt of hot jam exploding out as I bit into it.  MerlinFan and AJ also had these doughnuts during the week (lucky them) and said they were much bigger in size (and more value for your money!) during the weekdays.

MerlinFan already stole one XP

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