Laurent Boulangerie Patisserie

Shop B129, Chadstone Shopping Centre, 
Chadstone Vic 3145.
Date visited: 8th June 2013

We stopped by Laurent for some coffees after shopping at Chadstone on Saturday afternoon.

The interior was cosy and beautifully decorated.

There was a separate section where the barista prepared the coffees, but you still had to make all orders at the counter.

They served a range of pastries, danishes, doughnuts, cakes and even savoury food.

One thing that put us off immediately was the fact that it cost more to have your desserts here.  As tempting as they looked, the cakes were also pretty expensive at close to $9 each, so MerlinFan's thriftiness rubbed off on me and I was brainwashed not to have any.

I had a mocha, AS had a cappucino and AH had a hot chocolate.  The three cups came to our table looking near identical, so I didn't bother taking more photos.  The coffees were pretty ordinary.


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