Milawa Cheese Company

17 Milawa-Bobinawarrah Rd, Milawa 3678
Date visited: 29th June 2013

I was ecstatic and excited to be on annual leave at the same time as MerlinFan.  This morning, after another most satisfying brekkie and coffee at Cafe Derailleur, we made a very short trip out to Milawa, which was only a fifteen minute drive away, to the Milawa Cheese Factory for some cheese tasting.  It was ridiculously convenient travelling to new places with a car and Maps on iPhone5 - however did I manage to survive without my two best friends all these years I'll never know.

We were blessed with a gorgeous morning without a cloud in the sky (didn't stop my newly washed car from being frozen though.) >:C  A random note, MerlinFan and I were sure we saw a camel in one of the paddocks along the way.  Yes, a camel....(not an alpaca), it had a hump.

It was still rather quiet when we got there just a little after nine.  The sales bakery had a vast array of local preserves, chutneys and food dips.  

The cheese tasting is available from 9am-4.30pm.

MerlinFan and I have a fondness for soft cheeses.  We tried a few of their Goat and Cow's milk cheeses.

Ashed Milawa Chèvre (front, far left):  This was a fresh chèvre covered with a fine coating of black grapevine ash, which allows more complex flavours to develop.

Cajun Milawa Chèvre (second row, far left): This fresh chèvre was lightly dusted with spices, hence the red powder - left our palates burning.

Milawa Brie: Very soft, oozy, buttery and earthy.

Milawa Camembert: This too was smooth, oozy slightly salty with a mushroomy flavour.

Native Pepper Chèvre: My favourite of the lot.  Chèvre covered with a light dusting of crushed native peppers and leaves.

And if you're hungry, their restaurant is adjoining the bakery, but MerlinFan and I had our fill of breakfast just before coming, so we skipped out on second breakfast.

Mountain Pepper Chèvre $8

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