Gelato Messina

237 Smith St, Fitzroy
Date visited: 7th December 2013

Gelato Messina has finally graced the shores of Melbourne.  MerlinFan and I wandered down to Gelato Messina after our brunch at Hammer & Tong.  The first thing you see is the glass cabinet with the Black Forest cake (yes you saw it on Masterchef), Bombe Alaska and Dr Evil's Magic Mushroom just to name a few.  There was already a big queue hovering around the glass display housing 40 different gelato flavours.

Everything in Gelato Messina is made in house, from their apple pies and brownies to their stewed fruit.  Although they have a huge range of flavours, they also have a number of signature flavours as well as dairy free sorbets.  Every week they produce six specials as listed on the board. 

Gelato in the making
I had wanted to try one of the specials but changed my mind - it was a hot day, and after all that walking, MerlinFan and I both felt like something more fruity.  We had the Lychee & Coconut and the Salted Coconut and Mango.

Lychee & coconut (left),
Salted coconut & mango (right)

The gelatos were silky smooth and the flavours got our tick of approval.  Our gelatos were made up by the same person - it was strikingly obvious but why in the world was one scoop so much bigger than the other?  The coconut & mango was full to the brim whereas the lychee & coconut barely filled the bottom of the cup.  We were sharing, but had we not been, I'd have felt extremely ripped off if my friend got much more than what we both paid for.  

Overall, I like the range Gelato Messina offers, and would like to drop by to try one of their spectacular looking cakes.  Now, if only I can find 14+ other people to help me finish it.  =P

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  1. Hi, we're glad that you enjoyed the gelato and thanks for the beautiful pictures. On the other side we're sorry for your unfair scooping. It's a brand new team behind the counter and they're still doing some mistakes, our apologies.It was not in our intentions to create a dispute between you and your friend! Next time you'll come in let us know, we'll be sure that you'll receive the usual fair Messina treatment. See you soon cheers