Pacific Seafood BBQ House

213 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Date visited: 22nd December 2013

AS, MerlinFan and I dropped by Pacific for a quick dinner.  Pacific is our mum and aunt's favourite spot for roast duck whenever they come to visit; it has been a while since we've been here.  It was pretty busy as usual when we arrived but the restaurant is pretty big and we got seats straight away.

The menus are stuck on the table beneath a glass top, and there are also other special dishes on offer.  There have a huge range of drinks too, but you get complimentary hot tea.

Condiments and complimentary tea
I have been utilising my iPhone camera more and more of late - with pre-Christmas shopping, been too lazy to lug around my camera everywhere.  Gotta love iPhone 5's photo quality though lately my Photoshop/Blogger (not sure which is the culprit) has been playing up, turning my edited photos to pixelated low-res crap, so there is my reason for lacklustre photos - why bother editing them when they don't turn out right anyway?

I digress.

AS had the Char Kwai Teow.

Char kwai teow $12
This was served spicy with a generous amount of toppings.  I didn't try it, but AS said it was good although knowing what salt freaks we were, she commented it would probably be not salty enough for us LOL.  She finished it, so no complaints there.

MerlinFan and I got two dishes to share.  We had the Fried Rice Noodle with Beef in Egg Sauce.

Fried rice noodle with beef in egg sauce $12
The beef was really tender and the egg gravy thick and flavoursome, but we were both having a Manu Feildel moment - there wasn't enough sauce!  We both love drowning our noodles/ rice in sauce - sauce ties all the ingredients of a dish together, gives it extra flavour and texture.  If only there was more sauce!

We also got a plate of Fried Chicken Ribs with Salted Egg Yolk.

Fried chicken ribs tossed in salted egg yolk $19.50

Now, nothing can beat the mother of all chicken ribs from Rose Garden, but these were piping hot from the fryer, deliciously crispy on the outside, juicy and moist on the inside.  MerlinFan and I have had these ribs a few times and we never really taste the salted egg yolk but it's still good!  It also comes with crispy fried wanton skin-like things (at least I think that's what they are) and they're yummy too.

Overall, Pacific is a convenient spot that we return for a quick feed.  Most of the bad reviews have been about bad service - personally, I've never been fussed.  Service is indifferent rather than rude.  I don't expect five star treatment here, sometimes even asking for an extra bowl is greeted by a blank stare and plonking stuff down in front of you without a word is the norm but it has never particularly been much of a problem - at least not to us anyway.  And if it is, you can always get your food takeaway :P

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  1. great idea of hiding all the faces. Looks like some of the diners hated their photo being taken. I would too.