Somewhere on the way up to Phillip Island
Date visited: 29th December 2013

I can never say no to a donut.  Especially fresh out of the fryer, hot and sugared.  Give me the choice between donuts from a donut van over fancy, exotic ones and I'd take them donuts from your plain old donut truck any day. 

We saw a sign for donuts on the way up to Phillip Island.  AS made a sudden swerve into the turn and almost drove us into a ditch.  @_@  

These donuts were $1.25 each and less for a few.  We got 6 for $7.00.

These golden balls of deep-fried goodness were crisp on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside with a hot squirt of jam.  Covered with grainy sugar, they were the perfect road trip snack.  Or in our case, the best but not the healthiest option for breakfast :P

It was a beautiful day at the Nobbies.

And at Woolamai.

Sigh.  And it started off with a good ol' donut.


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