Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

233 Swanston St, Melbourne 3000
429 Elizabeth St, Melbourne 3000
Date visited: 10th January 2014

Hot Star have been serving up oversized crispy fried chicken, a popular Taiwanese night market snack, since 1992.  Ever since opening on Swanston St, MerlinFan and I have been inhaling the intoxicating, invading five spice fumes from a block away/across the street during our weekend CBD strolls, have squeezed around the ridiculous queues snaking around outside, vowing that we would try it one day, when everything dies down.

Anyway, I was heading home to Melbourne and found out that MerlinFan had bought a piece of original large fried chicken from the newer (and lesser known) branch along Elizabeth Street.  It wasn't very busy, she said, and she had to wait five minutes as it was cooked to order.

For $8, it was massive!  Huger than MerlinFan's head - I was approving.  The skin was crispy and crunchy and the flattened breast chicken inside juicy and tender.  There was however a gel-like layer between the chicken and the outer coating.  Now MerlinFan had bought the chicken and put in in the oven to keep warm until I got home, so we weren't quite sure whether it was supposed to be gravy that had set in the meantime, or the oil had not being able to penetrate through during the frying process to cook it completely.  We enjoyed the chicken, although the rib-like bone at the end of the chicken piece came as a surprise too.

Overall, pretty yummy and convenient with Gong Cha next door - a one stop shop for a snack and drink on the go.

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