Burch & Purchese for Xmas

647 Chapel St South Yarra
Date visited: 24th December 2012

As mentioned in my previous post, we went to B&P to pick up our Christmas cake for this year.  

I love B&P and have done quite a number of posts on their stuff already but I still couldn't resist whipping out my camera and taking photos of their beautiful Xmas themed sweets, so I will just let the pictures do the talking for themselves.
Xmas baubles - look soo real

Xmas Pops!
Gasp... how could you eat Frosty?
And look at these gorgeous cakes in store, all Xmas pimped up.  We had preordered ours, so I don't know if these belonged to people who had preordered pimped up cakes, or you would get them looking all festive if you bought them in the store on the day.  BTW Kylie from Masterchef was there working hard on Christmas Eve :)

Next cake on my Must Try List
Sooo gorgeous
Look at the RED - vibrant and no doubt festive!

 This was a pimped up version of the cake we ordered:

It's one of their newer cakes.  We ordered a regular version - somewhere in my deluded mind I thought we had collected Christmas cake decorations from previous yule logs we ordered, so we would have fun pimping up our own cake.  Strangely,  I couldn't find any at home and looked at a photo our yule log from last year.  Guess what.  The Christmas decor on the log aka plaque and snowman were... edible.  LOL.
Our regular version
Not quite as festive, but still pretty!  Just missing a couple of snowflakes and red milk chocolate halves XP  I wanted to add a sprig of (plastic) holly, but MerlinFan said it looked nice enough as it was.  I left it alone, then.

Another divine creation.  This cake combined all of my favourite dessert flavours - the banana bread was fragrant, moist and slightly chewy, the roast banana cream intense in flavour, the vanilla cheesecake threw in a little tang, cinnamon toffee added spice and of course, the caramelised white chocolate mousse and glaze just wrapped things up in the best way possible.  MerlinFan would have liked the banana bread layer to be a tad thicker for more texture, but otherwise couldn't fault it.

The thing with B&P cakes are that they are so complex with so many layers, and the beauty of it is that it tastes amazing together but you can't resist tasting them layer by layer and savouring the wonder of each flavour on its own.  Cakes from elsewhere don't seem to match up these days after discovering the intriguing wonders of B&P.

I look forward to trying more of their creations in the future.

Merry Xmas!


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