Cacao Green

285 Swanston St, Melbourne 3000
Date visited: 22nd December 2012

We have passed Cacao Green on our way home numerous times and always said we should try it one day but just never got around to.  Today, MerlinFan had a craving for fro-yo, so we decided to drop in.

Cacao Green uses organic ingredients in all their products.  Their fro-yo is made from organic non-fat milk and yoghurt with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.  All products are claimed to be freshly prepared daily.

Here, they offer not only frozen yoghurt, but also fruit parfaits, smoothies, organic yoghurt drinks, shaved ice, fruit-ades, waffles, organic chocolate and tea, as well as specialty coffee by St Ali.  So really, you're spoilt for choice.

We both decided to have their Frozen Yoghurts.  You can get the Seasonal Flavours in Junior 140g ($4.70), Regular 240g ($6.70), or Large 320g ($8.20) or the Original for 20 cents less.  Then you add toppings for $1 each, or 3 for $2.50.  Toppings range from fresh fruits, homemade compotes, granola and nuts to mochi and cheesecake bites.

Right: Pomegranate froyo (Junior) with lychee popping bobba ($5.70)
Now, what is it about soft serve that makes everything taste better?  MerlinFan had the pomegranate frozen yoghurt - it was light and creamy with the perfect amount of yoghurt tanginess.  We felt it tasted more like raspberry than pomegranate really, but it was delicious.  The lychee popping bubba added to its refreshing, fruity appeal.

Left: Mango froyo (Junior) with cheesecake bites and mango $6.70
I love mango - one of my favourite fruits.  I had the mango frozen yoghurt - again, it was light and tangy but creamy and silky, with the strong fragrance of mango coming through.  Just a dream fro-yo.  I added the fresh mangoes for texture (mango on mango = yum).  The cheesecake bites were rich and creamy, reminded me of homemade cheesecake.  Pity there weren't many pieces for the $1.
Aerial view
If you asked me which I preferred, Cacao Green or Tutti Frutti, I'd have to say I don't know - aside from the fact that Tutti Frutti offers a slighter bigger range of flavours and toppings, I would have to say both frozen yoghurt stores make pretty damn good fro-yo, and I'd be happy to go to either.  

Pros and cons?  If you want count it gram for gram, Tutti Frutti charges a flat rate of $2.60 for 100g, whereas with Cacao Green $2.60 - 3.40 for 100g (cheaper the larger you buy, do the math).  With Cacao Green, you know how much you'll be paying and you always get a pretty unicorn shell fro-yo, but you're at the mercy of the generosity of your server.  With Tutti Frutti, it can get pricey way too easily cos let's face it - froyo and fruits have a high water content and we all know how much water can weigh.  Uh huh.  

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