Minh Xuong

154 Victoria St, Richmond 3121
Date visited: 23rd December 2012

AS, MerlinFan and I visited Minh Xuong in Richmond today for an early dinner.  AS and AH used to frequent this restaurant but not for a while now.  I wanted to look up what dishes were good here prior to going, but when I asked AS the name of the shop, her answer was "no idea."  She only recognised the restaurant by its frontage @_@
The interior was clean and newish.  Our waitress was polite and smiley.  We got complimentary tea and lotus root soup - it was delicious and reminded me of homemade soup.
Tea and Lotus root soup
 AS chose the Rice noodle cooked Hong Kong style with prawns and Chinese sausage.  
Rice noodle HongKong style $10
It was mildly spicy but could have used more salt and wok hei.  

We also had the Rice noodle with beef and egg gravy.
Rice noodle with egg gravy and beef $10
The first mouthful of the rice noodles I had to spit out into a serviette as surreptitiously as I could.  The rice noodle was undercooked and crunchy!!!  This was the first time ever I've had half-cooked rice noodles served in a restaurant.  A couple more spoons were more or less the same =S  Luckily, everything else was uphill from there.  The rest of the rice noodles were cooked through although it too lacked wok hei.  The beef was faultless, juicy and tender.  The egg gravy was nicely seasoned although we felt they could have been more generous with the amount - the mound of rice noodles underneath was dry so it ended up clumped.

We also ordered the Fried chicken ribs with duck egg yolk sauce.  Apparently it was a popular dish here.
Fried chicken ribs with duck egg sauce $16.80
Nice crispy chicken skin with juicy meat inside.  Salted duck egg yolk sounded like a dream on paper - we expected it to be salty but surprisingly it wasn't and lacked that punch of flavour.

With undercooked noodles and food that seemed to be lacking in the seasoning department, Minh Xuong to us, was not bad, although not particularly stellar.

Minh Xuong on Urbanspoon
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