King Valley Fine Foods Epicurean Larder

107 Murphy St, Wangaratta
Date visited: 11th January 2013

We dropped into Epicurean Larder for a quick lunch whilst we were up in Wangaratta yesterday.  

King Valley fine Foods specialises in a wide range of pestos, pates and chutneys as evidenced by the impressive array on the bookshelf.
AS had their Lamb Burger.  It massive, stuffed with an entire salad by the looks of it - the lamb patty was quite small in comparison.  AS couldn't finish the buns.
Lamb burger
MerlinFan had the Strawberry Pavlova Roulade.  She enjoyed the flavours, however stated the meringue was quite heavy and spongy, not as airy and light as how she prefers it.
Strawberry pavlova roulade
I had the Gnocchi with pesto, tomato and chilli.  The pastas were in the counter and reheated to order.  The sauce was nice and flavoursome, however some of the gnocchi to me were heavy and gummy, sticking to the teeth.  MerlinFan liked the gnocchi and finished it for me.
We also had the Iced Coffees, mine with cream and ice cream and AS' without cream.  Loved the iced coffees especially on a 38 degree day.
Ice coffees


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