Twenty & Six Espresso Revisited

594 Queensberry St North Melbourne
Date visited: 19th January 2013


We revisited Twenty & Six Espresso today with Hui.  

Naturally, it was busier today on a weekend than it was last time on a weekday.  We had our name and number taken and were told we would be called once a table became available in about 15 minutes.  We stood outside chatting for a little while, realised it was over 15 minutes and went inside to check.  There were more than five seats available but no one had called us - one of the waiters checked the list and told us to sit.

Hui had the House Chai Latte.
Chai Latte $4.50
I had the iced Filter Coffee.  Today's offering was fruity and refreshing.
Filter coffee $4.50
MerlinFan wanted the Mango Lassi but they had run out.

Hui had The Russian, which was Vodka and lemon house cured salmon tartare, free range poached egg, dill and preserved lemon labneh, seed and sprout sourdough.  The presentation was nice; she liked the labneh in the shot glass.  The egg was nicely poached, however she felt the bread was overly thick.
The Russian $16.90
I had The Hunter, which was balsamic, red wine and rosemary roasted portobello mushrooms, Spanish chorizo on sourdough, creme fraiche and truffle oil and added a poached egg.  This dish was just full of intense flavours.  The two sourdough slices were crunchy, did its job in soaking up the dressing beautifully.  Laden with a heap of the most amazing roasted mushrooms, salty chorizo, a sprinkling of grated parmesan, and finished off with a perfectly poached egg, you have definitely got yourself a winner.  It is no wonder this dish has had so many rave reviews; Hui also commented that she would order this next time instead.
The Hunter $18.90, Add poached egg $2.50
Both MerlinFan and Hui had the Organic Balinese black sticky rice with banana, fresh mango, finished with salted coconut cream, palm sugar and passionfruit pulp.  I've previously described it in our first visit and it was good enough for MerlinFan to order it again - she said it tasted even better than it did the first time round.
Black sticky rice $15.90
Second time at Twenty & Six Espresso - won't be the last.  

Hoho I see someone tucking in...


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