Trunk Diner Lunch

275 Exhibition St, Melbourne 3000
Visited: 10th January 2013

Trunk Diner.  One of the first places we visited and reviewed when I started my blog in 2011.  I have such fond memories of Trunk Diner - our first visit on a dreary, rainy morning and again on a sunny Christmas Eve.  MerlinFan and I have been saying how we wanted to return one day to try their lunch menu - just over a year after our last visit, here we are again!  We have come full circle.

We chose their infamous Wagyu burger and added Cheddar cheese with a Side of fries.  
Wagyu beef burger $10 + Cheddar cheese $1.50, Small fries $3
The beef burger consisted of 175g fresh ground Wagyu beef in a grilled brioche.  It was a sort of DIY burger, with the baby cos lettuce, thick cut tomato and house-made pickles on the side for you to add on or leave out as you please.  
The beef patty was cooked medium rare.  I loved the Wagyu - it was thick, juicy and perfectly seasoned, with a smoky, chargrilled flavour.  MerlinFan pointed out that some bits in the burger half she had were pushing the boundaries to Charred-land, but I actually like that in my grilled meats.  Even the brioche buns seemed to soak up the beefy juices and tasted like the patty too.  I was actually happy to devour the burger on its own, munching on the lettuce, tomatoes and onions like a micro salad on the side.  The shoestring chips were fantastic - perfectly salted and crisp, without the heavy oiliness like the ones you get at Maccas.  My one complaint?  If only they made the beef burger adult-sized rather than a mini burger fit for a five year old.  I suppose you could supersize (a.k.a. double everything for $19), but does that mean double everything stuffed in that mini bun?  <head spinning>

We also had the Buttermilk fried chicken wings and home style potato salad.
Buttermilk fried chicken $13
The chicken wings were tender and juicy, encased in crispy, perfectly salted skin.  Whilst they were good chicken wings, there wasn't anything distinct to make them unforgettable.  The potato salad was overly simple and underwhelming.

The food at Trunk Diner is good but not great, however what will always bring us back is the atmosphere, especially on fair weather days.  A lovely spot to sit and have a nice coffee, snack or leisurely brunch.  


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