Rice Workshop Revisited

238 Little Bourke St, Melbourne 3000
Date visited: 5th January 2014

Just a quick post.  We went back to Rice Workshop a few days later - I wanted to try their Ontama Teriyaki.  

We sat upstairs this time.  The layout of seating was not the most space-saving - anyone who is familiar with the old Kimurakan upstairs can probably picture it.  Either that or a huge group sitting on the table right in the middle of the room took the liberty of hogging all the space - we were trying to sit on a table against the wall and couldn't do so without almost tripping over the chairs.  Yes.  Other patrons had to squeeze around the huge table and take the long way around the room to get to the tables near the window too.  @_@

MerlinFan couldn't help herself and had the Chicken Karaage again.  She couldn't finish and got a lid from downstairs for takeaway.

I had the Ontama Teriyaki.  

I noticed the girl serving us breaking my soft boiled egg as she put it into my bowl.  And she didn't even seem to care >:(

Ontama Teriyaki $7.70
Seriously.  Who serves up a broken soft boiled egg?  It looked so sad and unappetising like it committed suicide off a building and landed splat on my bowl.

Sigh.  Not that I would have asked to have it replaced (cos I felt sorry for a perfectly good egg that f#$% it's life, got broken at the last moment), but I thought the flippant behaviour and indifference at serving up a broken egg without apology or even acknowledging that fact was a tad rude.

Annoyingly, a lot of the egg yolk had seeped down and pooled in the joint crease at the bottom of the paper bowl.  Sucks.  I love my runny yolk - every drop is preciiioussss! <Gollum moment>

Anyway, grumbling aside, the Teriyaki chicken was flavoursome and the serving size again was good.

And once again, we were too full for the green tea ice cream.  Superb.

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  1. Aww that's a shame about the egg :( The green tea soft serve is really nice, perhaps you should try dessert before lunch on your next visit. ;)

  2. Ohiyo Gozaimasu!

    Thank you for visiting us again. We are so disappointed to hear about your egg and the service; it is definitely not acceptable! We apologise for our staff and for the late reply (this has only just been brought to our attention).

    We appreciate your feedback, as it helps us improve on every aspect so that our lovely customers (such as yourself) can have an enjoyable dining experience, every time.

    Arigatou Gozaimasu,
    Rice Workshop

    1. Thank you for addressing this. Looking forward to visiting again; after all we have yet to try the green tea soft serve that I hear is really good :)