19 Faithful St, Wangaratta
Date visited: 15th January 2014

I went to Sensouk for the second time last week - the first time I dropped by was some time last year, and I remembered liking the food although it was rather salty.  This time a few of us went for a farewell dinner for a friend.  Such a horrible day to to be out - a scorching 44 degrees and we were sweating like pigs.  And yes, and going through bottles of cold water like there was no tomorrow.

I was too busy talking and forgot to take photos of the menu, so I don't have the exact names of the food and prices.  Sorry for the vague descriptions - really didn't mean to do a shoddy job.

For entrees, we had the Fried Prawns and Spring Rolls.  I really liked the wrapped prawns with the dipping sauce.

Rolled prawns, Spring rolls

We also had the Tofu.


Next up was two servings of Chicken Pad Thai.  This was nice.  Lots of nuts, chicken and the noodles slick with sauce.  Yum.

Pad Thai Chicken

Mixed Vegetables.  Yummy but extremely salty from the fish sauce.

Mixed Vegetables

From memory, I believe we chose to have this Pork Salad very spicy (not my choice, but my dining mates love spicy!).  There wasn't much heat in this, which I suppose was a good thing because it we were already sweating enough as it was.  My friends enjoyed this but I was on the wall - a bit too minty and reminiscent of toothpaste for my palate, although I loved the insanely salty pork and tangy dressing.

Pork Salad

We also got some plain rice and some fish curry.  I believe this was the Panang Curry.  Soft fish and vegetables, creamy and nicely flavoured curry.

Panang Curry

Overall, it was rather affordable, about $25 per head for our meal.  The Thai cuisine is tasty, and on the salty side, whereas the other Thai restaurant in Wangaratta, Emerald Thai, is slightly sweeter in terms of flavour.  I'm a salt freak, so you can guess which one I preferred =P


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