398 Little Bourke St, Melbourne
Date visited: 25th January 2014

AS and MerlinFan had Spudbar last week from Chapel Street whilst I was away <sob> and MerlinFan had another craving, so off we were today, to the Little Bourke Street branch.  

It was just a small joint, with a few tables scattered inside.  We ordered, had our spuds made up in front of us and sat down with our food and drink.

MerlinFan had her cravings for her Chook & Avocado spud satiated.  She opted to have hers on a sweet potato.

Chook & Avocado $12.90
MerlinFan loved the warm, velvety smooth sweet potato topped off with free range chicken, baby spinach, shredded cabbage and mashed avocado topped with sour cream.  It was topped off with salty, tangy and not overly spicy jalapeƱos. 

I had the Crispy Bacon & Cheese.

Crispy Bacon & Cheese $10.90
I just love the contrast of colours on my bowl!  :D  My traditional spud was warm, melted in your mouth powdery soft, just the way I like it.  It was topped off with a generous amount of free range bacon, tasty cheese (that got melted by the warm spud - super!), mushrooms (didn't detect these, though), shredded cabbage, wild rocket, tomato salsa, light sour cream and spring onion.  

It's all about delicious healthy spuds and salads here, and portions are good so you won't leave hungry.  

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