Beechworth Bakery

27 Camp St, Beechworth
Date visited: 25th April 2014

Autumn is here!  MerlinFan, AS and I did a road trip up to Bright this Anzac Day for some autumn leaf viewing.  We made a stopover at Beechworth on the way back to Melbourne and where did we go for lunch?  The Beechworth Bakery.

The bakery was packed when we got there at 1.30pm.  Fear not, there was seating upstairs as well.  Service was a little slow despite a few lines going at the same time.  There were heaps of sweet goodies to choose, as well as your usual pies and lunch fare.  Good-o.

AS went upstairs to snag a table whilst MerlinFan and I ordered.

Looks like five people eating when there were only three =P
Ned Kelly Pie.  This was their signature steak pie with bacon, cheese and a whole egg.  It was yum.  MerlinFan regretted she suggested sharing with me to make more room for dessert. XP

Beechworth Steak Pie - regular pie with quality minced steak.

Apple Square for apple lovers.  Flaky and fluffy puff pastry squares filled with spiced stewed apple and dusted with sugar.  Nice.

Snickerdoodle - I always thought a snickerdoodle was a sugar cookie, but this was their rendition - baked custard in shortbread pastry, topped off with berries.  

Vanilla Slice - needs no explanation.  It wasn't overly sweet and MerlinFan really liked this.

Prices were pretty reasonable and there was a huge range of goodies to choose from.  A nice stopping spot after a long day of driving.

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