20-24 Guildford Lane, Melbourne
Date visited: 13th April 2014

MerlinFan and I decided to head to Krimper as a spur of the moment.  Only it didn't turn out so spur of the moment after all, seeing that the cafe was located in an old hidden (I mean hidden) lane between La Trobe and Little Lonsdale Street.  We actually had to look it up and have our iPhone maps open to guide us like tourists after living 14 years in Melbourne.  I doubt anyone would casually stumble upon this warehouse, but that's adding to the appeal of brunching out in Melbourne.

The exposed brick walls and ceilings were charming indeed.  Loved that old heritage feel.  Our waitress was chirpy and friendly.

MerlinFan and I had to have our usual caffeine hits.  Cappucino for me and latte for her.

Cappucino & Latte
I have no idea why, but both MerlinFan and I have such cravings for burgers these last few weeks, so burgers we had.  MerlinFan had the Caramelised Pulled Pork Burger.  

Caramelised pulled pork $16
MerlinFan liked the pulled pork - she said it tasted like Asian sweet soy pork and she would have loved to eat it with sauce and rice rather than in a ciabatta.  LOL.  Anyway, it came with apple celeriac slaw and a pickle on the side.  The portion was big too, so MerlinFan couldn't finish and took half of it home (our waitress kindly got her a box).

I had the Wagyu Burger (you're probably thinking naaaawwww, not MORE burger reviews!!!) but hey, I can't help what I felt like eating XP

Wagyu burger $16
The Wagyu burger was topped with brie, onion chutney in a brioche bun.  The fat patty was well done and super soft.  Now this is just me and might sound strange, but I felt the texture was almost too soft and didn't have that resistance and slight chew of beef - it reminded me of pork mince (with a beef taste) and that was a tad disorientating.  My burger came with chips - MerlinFan loved them in their salty, golden, slightly shrivelled goodness.  Went nicely with the dip.

Overall, good portion sizes and friendly service - Krimper is a cute little spot for brunch and coffee.

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